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Sanctioning Bodies

Pioneer safety for your competitors, their families, and the industry.

We can all admit that that safety is an issue. But how will you respond? Will you lead or follow? Being among the first to champion safety demonstrates to your racers and their families your level of commitment. And that can help attract future racers to your sport.

If you have a story where proper safety measures helped you avoid injury in a crash, we would love to hear about it.

Share Your Safety Story

Accidents cost us all. Let’s make them cost less.

What if crashes cost everyone less money, less heartache, less time away from competition? When all the right pieces are in place, competitors have the best chance of racing again next weekend, even if there is an accident. Let’s attract attention for our unprecedented commitment to safety. That’s a cost everyone should be willing to share.

See the real cost of crash

Attract positive attention to your races—and ultimately, more competitors.

Isn't it time for motorsports to get noticed for something other than a spectacular crash? When you lead the charge in safety, people take notice. You can attract media attention by partnering with us to make top-notch safety education readily available to participants.

Safer racing means people can race longer—and that means more revenue.

Fewer accidents and fewer injuries is something you can tout to new racers. Equip racers to be part of this for a lifetime—the safer they race, the longer they can race.

MSEF wants all racers to live to race again and again so they can pass down their passion for racing to the next generation.

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