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Sanctioning Bodies

Our sanctioning body partners are critical to MSEF success. With these forward thinking leaders, MSEF is able to bring cutting edge safety education information to their racers. Together, our desire is to make safety as important as winners so all racers live to race again and again and can pass down their passion for racing to the next generation. Will you join us? See how you’ll benefit.

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Sanctioning Bodies

Steering Committee

We have a fantastic group of racing industry professionals supporting our efforts. They have shared their experiences, guided curriculum development and continue to influence and shape the work we're doing.

Tom Gideon, NASCAR

Director, Safety, Research & Development

Glen Gray, NHRA

Vice President, Technical Operations

Dr. Robert Hubbard, HANS


Arni Kuhns, SFI


John MacKichan, Speedway Motors, Inc.

Museum Curator, SMI Safety Director

Tait McKinney, McKinney Corporation

Production & Inventory Control Coordinator

John Medlen, Don Schumacher Racing

Assistant Crew Chief

Steve Sinclair, K&K Insurance

Motorsports Specialist

Jon Stanbrough, Professional Driver

USAC Sprint Car Driver

INDUSTRY participants

In addition to our Steering Committee, individuals and organizations from across the industry have come forward in support of MSEF. From providing data and information to making connections with donors, we're proud to be a part of such a vibrant and supportive industry.