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Successful Lifesqaure Program Launch at Knoxville

by MSEF Administrator | Aug 19, 2016
At Knoxville last weekend, the Motorsports Safety Education Foundation (MSEF) and Knoxville Raceway Charitable Organization (KRCO) introduced Lifesquare to the racing community. 185 drivers and 32 track officials were among those who signed up and created their accounts. Drivers added their Lifesquare stickers to their helmets immediately upon signing up.

Lifesquare sticker affixed to driver's helmet

Lifesquare revolutionizes emergency care in motorsports with a personalized QR code located on each driver's helmet. Knoxville Raceway's safety crew was given the ability to scan the QR code in times of emergency and access the drivers medical history, emergency contact information, insurance information and more. Knoxville Hospital was also included to be immediately alerted if QR code was scanned so they could better prepare for the patient's arrival.

Interested tracks, sanctioning bodies, drivers and crews can contact MSEF directly for more information about this innovative new program.