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Knoxville Raceway Charitable Organization Partners with MSEF TO Provide Safety Tech to Drivers and Officials

by MSEF Administrator | Aug 11, 2016
MSEF partnered with the Knoxville Raceway Charitable Organization (KRCO) to provide Lifesquare free of charge to all drivers who participated in recent racing events. Through KRCO, Knoxville Raceway is the first track in all of motorsports to provide this cutting-edge safety technology.

Lifesquare revolutionizes emergency care in motorsports with a personalized QR code located on each driver's helmet. Knoxville Raceway's safety crew has the ability to scan the QR code in times of emergency and access the drivers medical history, emergency contact information, insurance information and more. Knoxville Hospital will also be immediately alerted of a scanned QR code to better prepare for the patient's arrival. 

Drivers were able to sign up on kiosks at the race and receive their Lifesquares immediately. Lifesquares were affixed on helmets, phone cases and other locations where access to medial data is critical.

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Lifesquare on Helmet


Lifesquare on Phone