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About MSEF

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We educate motorsports competitors with the knowledge they need to participate for a lifetime.

Our Story

Why MSEF Began

Our livelihood, our community, and our families are all deeply ingrained in the motorsports industry. For decades we have considered it a privilege to work alongside teams to bring innovative solutions to racing through our businesses. And, as we considered what our legacy would be, we heard our colleagues calling for an answer to the decades-old question: how do we limit injuries and death in the sport we all love? We believe that creating an industry-wide standard for safety education is the right solution.

Our team has the experience, knowledge, and drive to champion education safety in the racing community. But, we can’t do this alone. We are thankful that our friends across the industry have been so willing to collaborate with us to start this movement. The time is right to take action.

We want all racers to live to race again and again so they can pass down their passion for racing to the next generation. Will you join us?

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What We Believe

Right now competitors have three options to learn to compete safely: a rulebook (which states the minimum requirements to race), other racers (the consistency and quality of information breaks down quickly), or experience (the most dangerous way to learn about safety in motorsports is by living through a crash).

At the Motorsports Safety Education Foundation, we believe there is a better way. By providing the latest knowledge in an easy-to-use format, we give competitors the education they need to compete safer.

The exception is not acceptable.

Crashes are often the exception—but they happen. In the last several years, there have been more than 520 deaths in motorsports. One death is unacceptable. We don’t have to accept that life-threatening injuries are inevitable. With the advances in technology and the lessons learned from recent tragedies, we now have a better understanding of safety than ever before. Together we can make sure that every competitor knows what equipment is available and how it is intended to work, so we can reduce life-threatening injuries and ensure that the sports we love continue to succeed.

Changing a culture trumps making money.

If we could promote safety without collecting a dime, we would. But the reality is, creating world-class education tools and collaborating with experts costs money. We invest that money into collecting the best knowledge out there—and use it to fuel education and change. We refuse to promote or take advertising dollars from any manufacturer. And, no one on our board benefits from the sale of safety equipment.